Friday, April 17, 2009

Some More YouTube Vids

A few days ago my dad showed me 2 videos from YouTube. And yes, they are about music as well.

The videos are very interesting. However, you might have watched it before. Especially the 1st one, since it is one of the most watched new videos in YouTube.

Here it is: I present to you Susan Boyle.

Ah. But I cannot embed the video here, since some guy requested ALL videos about her be disabled from embedding.

So, just kindly click the link here.

That was video one. Here's the other.

This one I CAN embed.

Well, enjoy it. I can tell you that I did.

(P.S. Watch out at the beginning of the video: the word HUMAN is spelled wrongly.)

1 comment:

Zhong said...

Ghee Ken,
2:20 for the Voca Ppl.. my kind of song.