Monday, December 15, 2008


Here's a cool video I found. It's about burgers. Personally, I prefer Burger King.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Indonesia Part 2

This is the continuation to my trip in Java. And guess what? This time, it's illustrated.

Okay. Since I didn't upload any pics during the first post, I'll make up for it by posting some now, complete with sarcastic captions.

Just a word: this post can get VERY detached. Hope you can follow. The pictures are arranged according to time taken.

All these are photos of my hotel. Looks good on pixel, eh?

This is at night, when we went out for dinner at Cihampelas Walk.

Pic 1 of Cihampelas Walk.

Pic 2 of Cihampelas Walk (the restaurant's upstairs).

Just in case you don't know, kelinci means rabbit.

Seems as if this big hot steaming lake... causing the mist.

Somehow, I doubt that it's authentic skin.


Close-up KELINCI!

Aaaaah. Maribaya -- where we lost our wealth. Jokinglah!

Inside Maribaya is... a waterfall!

Leaving Bandung. Going to next town: Pangandaran. Which I'll talk about in later posts.

A small P.S.

Yeah, for those of you who would like to know more about the makeup in Twilight, here's a link.

Happy reading.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Excuse this post, please.

I did promise that I would continue about my trip to Indonesia, but I have another thing which I would like to talk about this time.

It's a movie which I watched recently. Can you guess?


And I love it. Yep, absolutely do.

Of course, there are special reasons why it is so endearing to me.

The main one may sound a little weird, but don't think me a freak or anything.

Since I was really young, I had ALWAYS thought how darn cool it would be to be a vampire.

Ironic, actually, since vampires are supposed to be scary, and young kids don't like scary guys.

But it was a dream, and is, I confess, still a dream sometimes.

So, watching Twilight was like getting a glimpse of my dream. I saw how vampires might have lived in a world of humans (if only they existed), and witnessed the awesomeness of vampires' powers(then again, only if they existed).

I don't exactly like the ending, though. But after reading about my childhood dream, you should understand why.

I mean, why, Edward, why?

I pity Bella. Poor girl.

Another thing I don't like about the movie is the makeup.

Edward and Carlisle (his father) had to powder their faces a horrid white and paint their lips a bloody red (ironic, right?). I even found their makeup brands: SK-II Air Touch for foundation, M.A.C. blot powder for the paleness and Benefit Silky Finish for the lips. Oh, you know, just in case some guy wishes to look like a movie star vampire (unlikely).

The odd thing is that the other vampires don't have to wear the makeup. Emmett didn't, neither did the girls or the other group of vampires.

Anyway, now that I've caught this Twilight fever, I guess I might give the series a read, even if it's just to read about Bella's turning (which should have happened much earlier, in my opinion).

Brava, Steph, brava -- you managed to get me hooked.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Indonesia Part 1

Hello people!

Yeah, I know, I've not been blogging for quite a long stretch of time. That's because I've been overseas (over the Straits of Malacca, actually) to Java, which is (in case you don't know) part of Indonesia. It's also partly because I've been procrastinating (fancy word for putting off, for those who don't speak England so well) since I arrived back.

And so, what better theme for this post than my trip to Java.

This trip for me wasn't all fun though.

I had a runny nose and a headache during the first half of the trip, which is extremely uncomfortable especially when suffering from motion sickness.

However, despite the discomfort, I still managed to enjoy myself.

Since my trip is just too long to cram into a single post, I shall attempt to illustrate the interesting details in my following posts, together with some pictures.

I shall talk about the first city which I visited in this post, but since the pictures have not yet been transfered to the computer, I'll have to make do without them.


I touched down in Bandung in the afternoon. A driver (or chauffeur) sent us to our pre-booked accomodation -- a charming but expensive hotel in the suburbs.

Oh, did I mention that it was expensive? A room for 2 is over RM100, which is a lot in Indonesia. (I had later asked one of the staff from another hotel about his salary, and he said it was only RM320!)

We stayed in Bandung for only 2 nights. I found out 1 thing though.

It is a shopping haven.

Things are CHEAP. Seriously CHEAP.

I bought a some shirts and T-shirts there. A T-shirt costed about RM12, but in Malaysia, it could have gone for RM24 or more. And for the shirts, it costed about RM40, but looked like it was worth RM70!

My uncle had followed us, and had declared that it was not safe for her daughter to visit Bandung: "After she starts earning her own money, then she can come!"

Besides shopping, there isn't much to see, so I also don't have much to say.

But if you're like my brother, who is an avid spender, Bandung is dangerous!

Don't say I didn't warn you!