Friday, February 20, 2009

Whom I Met at the Finals

Last Thursday was the Form 3 debate finals.

And it was there I met my old acquaintance: Mike.

Or, to put it fuller, Mike RhoPhoan. Heard of him?

He's also known as Sown M Pleefieyer.

You might have seen him before. He is pathetically thin, literally a stick of a man, and has a round head, which he often covers with some interwoven wire. He seems to have a fetish for black, and is rarely seen wearing a different colour.

If you stand next to him and measure his height compared to yours, his head usually reaches slightly above your chin.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot: he has an irritating habit of repeating whatever is mentioned in front of him. Whatever secrets you have will be publicly announced by him should you accidentally reveal it in his presence. He also enjoys mimicking your voice, but not a 100%. He often adds some booms and crackles into his version of your speech, probably for the plain sake of annoying the hell out of you.

Therefore, you must always keep a tight rein on him, which some people emphasise on by wrapping their hand around his neck. This 'reining' requires some skill, a skill that I have not yet gained. Hence my dismay at seeing him again.

Does my description ring a bell? Just in case it doesn't, I've inserted a picture of him below.



(almost there)


Recognise him NOW, don't you?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Debate #1

Today was there was the Form 3 inter-class debate.

I, together with Daniel, Shu Wen and Melanie, represented 3 Balau.

Our opponent was 3 Angsana, comprising Andrea, Krystal, Samantha Cheh and Julian(?!).

We (3 Balau) was fortunate enough to be the Opposition team, which means 3 Angsana was the Proposition.

The motion was (in exact words):

Science stream guarantees a better future.

In my opinion, the motion is super biased. It obviously sides the Opposition (notice the use of 'fortunate' when I described our getting the Opposition side).

Debating would be so much easier if you could just tell the teacher (perhaps in language not so crude):

"This motion is the biggest lump of hogwash I have ever heard. Use your brain, please, cikgu. Tell me honestly, do you seriously think Science stream students are assured of a brighter future compared to Arts students? In that case, wouldn't all Science students be multi-millionaires and Arts students their servants? Because what the motion suggests is that Science students WILL succeed in life (it's like writing their destiny or something). This is called a Sweeping Statement. It means it's so general until it doesn't make sense. If it was written "Science stream students usually have a better future", the Opposition would have been facing a bigger challenge.


Am I writing too much?

I gotta rest my fingers.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Am I Hexed?

Is it just me? Or is it just luck? Or is the game rigged?

Like a loyal supporter, I've been following the Australian Open, obviously with my favourites. They are Roger Federer and Dinara Safina.

Both who just so conveniently crashed out of the finals.

Making my day, of course.

Safina could have very well been a cement wall placed right in the middle of the court. She lost 6-0; 6-3 to Serena.

What the hell happened in the 1st set???

Moving on to...


What a disappointment -- a 7-5; 3-6; 7-6; 3-6; 6-2 lose to Rafael Nadal.

You can't beat Nadal even on hard court? But hard court's your speciality.

I really hope Federer gets a better coach, and pulls up his socks, because I will continue to support him, and I don't want to support a loser.