Friday, March 12, 2010

A post, finally

I've just decided to start blogging again. Of course, how long this sudden interest in blogging lasts, I cannot say.

It started like this. A person, whom I shall not name, has been repeatedly blaring at me in her loud voice to start blogging again. Though small in stature, her vocal chords have the ability to generate amazingly loud sounds. Besides her loud voice, she is also known for her sneezing in class and in examination halls, which is almost legendary. She has reached a combo of 7 or 8 I think, more than anyone else I know.

The second person is HRM the Pineapple princess. (On this individual I shall not elaborate, lest she sentence me to pineapple-boarding, a torturous process involving highly corrosive organic liquid and my windpipe.)

Anyway, first-term exams just finished, and I'm not happy. I can't believe the mistakes I made in my English essay!

Firstly, I misused the word BUNKER in the place of BUNK. In case anyone's wondering,

BUNK: beds built one above the other;

BUNKER: a large container for storing fuel.

Of course, this may seem like no big deal, except I repeated the word around 20 times in the essay. If Mr K deducted 1 mark for each spello, I'd be left with only 15 marks.

Secondly, I spelt ASUNDER as ASSUNDER.


Yes, it IS a big deal.

Oh, and I think I completely flunked Bio.