Thursday, April 30, 2009

Class Essay

About 2 weeks ago, Pn. Angie (our class's English teacher) gave the entire class an assignment.

We had to come up with an essay.

But this essay was different. This was how it was done.

Pn. Angie gave Li Li (tutor muda) a HUGE stack of coloured note papers. Then, she wrote the essay's title and starting line on a memo pad and stuck it on the board at the back of the classroom.

The title is

Lost & Found.

The starting line is

It was a stormy afternoon.

Quite lame, really. But I guess that she did it so to leave the story open.

Bad idea.

Everyone in class has a different idea on how the story should go, which resulted in a seriously warped and twisted storyline.

I mean, SERIOUSLY warped.

Just my cup of tea.

However, Pn. Angie didn't enjoy it as much as I did, I think.

She had a little problem with errr... the dammit.

She says, it won't be allowed in PMR.


I beg to differ, though. I think the dammit, as much as teacher and some of the other students are against it, is quite charming, really. It gives character to the story.

Not that it lacks any, by the way.

Now, here's a brief summary of the story's (many) main idea(s):

Lights go off.

Then, the Bill Collector comes. Pay up, he says. Somehow you miss when trying to shoot him dead (for what reason, I'm as lost as you) and he escapes.

You become a nun. You need a headdress. So, you find out that Bill over there has a headdress.

You assault (to put it nicely) a SWAT officer, and steal his uniform and gadgets.

So, the nun-turned-assassin you chase down Bill, who just happens to be a sheep.

He jumps into a Ferrari, and you chase him. Somehow, you chase down the Ferrari.

Billy claims to be immortal, and you agree to pay the bill...

(to be continued)

Well, it's some wacky story. And if you can wait, I'll be posting the full version on my blog as soon as the story is closed.

So, just wait.

P.S. There's also something about a dog morphing into a human...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some More YouTube Vids

A few days ago my dad showed me 2 videos from YouTube. And yes, they are about music as well.

The videos are very interesting. However, you might have watched it before. Especially the 1st one, since it is one of the most watched new videos in YouTube.

Here it is: I present to you Susan Boyle.

Ah. But I cannot embed the video here, since some guy requested ALL videos about her be disabled from embedding.

So, just kindly click the link here.

That was video one. Here's the other.

This one I CAN embed.

Well, enjoy it. I can tell you that I did.

(P.S. Watch out at the beginning of the video: the word HUMAN is spelled wrongly.)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Particular Youtube Vid

Recently, I've been regularly going to Youtube to watch some interesting videos.

Examples include Fred, Nigahiga, a few music vids and also some other comedy pieces.

And here's one I especially like. Partly because one of the people in it looks like someone I know.

See for yourself. It's a lip-sync video by the way (done very well, in my opinion).

Pay no attention to the guy in the background. Apparently he's busy playing Counter Strike.

Anyway, the reason why this vid is on my blog is because the guy on the left reminds me of Shi Wen.

Yes, I know, not much of the semblance in looks, but the weirdness just seems familiar...

No offence, Shi Wen.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

History and I

There is one teacher I don't get.

Or rather, there are many teachers I don't get, but this teacher is one I doubly don't get.

She is Pn. Joyce. And for those of you who don't know, she's my Sejarah teacher.

I really love her class. I am ever anxious to see what she'll be doing next. And for those of you who don't know, I'm being sarcastic.

Firstly, please excuse the tone of this post. If you are a big fan of Pn. Joyce, I'd highly suggest you stop reading.

Now, one of the things I don't get about her is her lessons.

Sejarah is chronological. But the way she's teacher the subject, I'm almost lost when it comes to the order of events. Perhaps for those who already know the facts, her classes are beneficial, but not for me.

She'll step in class, and after the customary greeting, launch straight away into her lesson. The only problem is that today's lesson always seemed detached from yesterday's. I really wish she'd use the text book, at least as reference. I sometimes find written words easier to grasp than spoken ones, especially if it's about unknown facts.

Also, as one of my classmates pointed out, she goes too fast almost all the time. Everything may be crystal clear in her mind, but definitely not in mine. I mean, if I already knew the syllabus, she needn't even be teaching.

When she teaches, not only does she go too fast, she teaches in English. Well, I thought that it was good that Sejarah was being taught in English, but that was of course before the latihan came along. You see, the latihan are unfortunately in BM. But the words and facts I'm learning are in English.

When I was halfway through a latihan paper, I asked her what a certain word meant (the word was permogokan). She displayed one of those snug smiles, and almost laughed the question off.

"How can you ask what a word means? You should know what it means, after all it's in your text book."

But this test is not a BM test; surely explaining what a word meant wasn't going to be considered cheating. You always stress that Sejarah is all about grasping the concepts, and not blindly memorising strings of words. By the way, let's not forget that you teach Sejarah in English.

"Ah, but this word is in your text book. If you read your text book you would know this word."

Well, fine. Let's leave it at that.

Later, however, when we were going through the paper, she had to rub it in. How nice of her.

Besides that, Pn. Joyce seems to be getting a whole lot of praise. From both teachers (Pn. Mary Ann) and students (3 Cengal). For some reason, I dislike her though.

Oh, and did I mention that her "jokes" and "acting young in class" is distracting?


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Musings by Bee El Eh See Kay

It's been a long time since I last posted. So excuse this post if it sounds a bit rusty.

Now firstly, I would like to say something:

I will not stop being lame, whether you like it or not.

So, there!

I would also like to make a shoutout to all Malaysians:


But truthfully, I don't really care.


Well, I'm not going to Sepang to watch the Grand Prix live. And if I do watch it, I'll be seeing it on the television, and in that case it doesn't really matter which country it's held in. But I guess the publicity is good for our country.

However, if a Tennis Masters was set here, right here in Malaysia, I'll be overjoyed!

I mean, I'll let loose an ear-piercing scream! (Deals 100/180/260/350 damage in a 600 AoE [damage type is pure] and slows for 3 seconds.) Cooldown: 20/18/15/12 seconds.

Okay, maybe not that devastating, but you get the idea.

But then, it might be just as well there ISN'T a Tennis Masters here in Malaysia.



Okay. Sorry. I take that back.