Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Very Good To See You Gone

I smile as I watch
You passing by
It's a happy sight
I start to cry.

I wave my hand
Like a little boy
Down my cheeks flow
Tears of joy.

The horror is gone
I look left, right
Everywhere kids cheer
With all their might.

Chattering loudly
They walk away
As they discuss
What games to play.

Before I go
And head off home
I turn to say
This farewell poem:

Dearest exams
Farewell, so long
It's very good
To see you gone.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Result of Overactive Imagination(s)

Today, Pn. Angie came into class and announced that she was going to give us an essay to write. It was meant to be written based on a map she handed out to us, with mini illustrations of playgrounds and post offices.

The instructions were extremely ordinary (not extraordinary). It went something like...

You have to go to the railway station to meet your cousin. Since there is no local bus service, you go by taxi instead. Write about your journey to the railway station and the surroundings. Your essay must not be less than 100 words.

The essay that was expected of us ran more-or-less along this storyline:

I had to go to the railway station to meet my cousin. I hailed a taxi and got in. As we drove down the road, I saw shops on my left. Soon, we reached a roundabout. Going clockwise, we took the second exit off the roundabout onto Jalan Ambang. On my left I saw a football field that was full of people. Further down the road, I saw a playground that was also full of people. We reached a set of traffic lights. We turned right. I looked out the window and noticed a big shopping complex. At the T-junction at the end of the road, we turned left. The petrol station on my left was full of people. And just ahead of the petrol station was my destination -- the railway station.

There. The paragraph above contains 133 words -- more than the number of words specified. It also contains all the points, as well as copious amounts of boringness.

However, don't ever underestimate the group of eccentric boys sitting at the back of 3 Balau.

Here are some of the sensational and inspiring storylines invented by them (some are by me, as well).

1) Ultraman landed on the football field and started fighting some huge exotic alien wildlife.

2) I left home driving my lorry, which was filled with TNT. I rushed to the railway station, but accidently crashed into the petrol station, causing my face, as well as many others', to be published in the newpaper obituary.

3) I left home driving my lorry, which was filled with TNT, and crashed into the petrol station again. However, due to the fact that I was King Leoric, I survived the crash and explosion.

4) I decided to drive out of the map since I figured that it would be a faster way to the railway station.

5) I found out about a horrible traffic jam, and decided to hire a jet instead.

As wonderfully exciting as this form of brain-storming can be, some people sadly don't approve. Example: Pn. Angie.

As a result of my overactive mouth and imagination as well as my inability to conceal my conversations, I was sentenced to switching places with Daniel. Who sits just one place behind me, actually.

Well, I can form two inferences as to why she would do this.

1) So I would talk less in class (or at least make it seem so); or

2) So I would talk in louder voices (since she has distanced me from my friends).

Just kidding.

I guess I tend to talk more during English class since I feel more confident that I'd be able to catch up. But still, that is no excuse, and I know it.


I should propose this to a teacher: why not have one period every week focused only on speaking? In other words, get everyone to talk, especially the quiet ones, to anyone about whatever they like, with the only rule being that it must be in English. Just think what wonders it may do to those antisocial students.

Well, that probably won't happen, at least not in the near future. But we can always hope, can't we?