Monday, April 28, 2008

Go MAJU!!!

Maju won. How cool is that?!

I actually expected Unggul to beat MAJU, with the unique outfit (plain white collared T with purple tie & black pants) and the like. But, as I was later told, ironically, it was the outfit that caused victory to slip from their grasp. From what I can gather, house Ts are a must in the marching outfits. Of course, it was also partly due to the fact that they exceeded their time limit. Well, who's to blame?

Actually, I think they should blame Encik K. Unggul apparently got permission from En. K to use a different outfit during Sport's Day. But come Sport's Day, Datin gives a whole new horizon to things. Did En. K defend Unggul, arguing that they should not be pinalized for the outfit, since it was his own folly? NO. Did he even give a damn? I think NOT.

Let's have a look at another issue.

On the Friday before Sport's Day, he announced during the last raptai that MAJU was banned from using the drums during Sport's Day. Adsfgnsdhdsfkhask???!!! Then, he very smugly explains the reason behind his decision.

"Kalau mana-mana rumah sukan ingin menggunakan apa-apa alatan muzik atau barangan lain dalam perbarisan, rumah tersebut kenalah beritahu saya serta guru-guru rumah lain dulu. Barulah kami akan membuat keputusan sama ada untuk meluluskan atau membantah. Kamu tidak boleh pandai-pandai buat sendiri, tanpa memberitahu saya atau guru-guru yang lain. "

"Even the slightest advantage over any other house cannot be allowed. You have to notify me at the starting of the year so that I can notify the other houses. Then, they can make their decision whether they wish to also use the drums, then only it is fair."

Well, that was the longest and most fantastic piece of crap I have heard in years. If he cared to use his brain and just think it through for a while, he would notice that drums are the most quintessential prop used in marching. And I never thought there existed a person who could think of marching and not of drums at the same time. Jeez.

But, that's not the best part. With an even more smug look on his face (how he did it, I am clueless), he announced:

"Also, I believe that when the perbarisan is approaching the grand stand, the marching should be done in 3 by 10 arrangement. Do you agree, Berjaya?"

"Yes, sir."

(He skipped MAJU)







"Then, I think the house who did it differently know their mistake. You cannot ubah the fixed peraturan just for creativity's sake."

For me, and I believe I speak for all of MAJU in this situation, it was as if a massive raincloud was blocking out the sun, and a fissure was opening up under our feet at that horrible instant.

But, the MAJU seniors assured us that they would sort things out, and try to get permission to use the drums. I felt better after that, but only slightly. Last minute changes are not good for anybody, except the other houses.

Well, they got the permission for the drums, and we performed during Sport's Day.

The rest is history.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Horrible Scrabble

As the title suggests, I had a Scrabble competition.

In which I failed miserably. Really miserably.

Before I launch into the story, here's a prelude.

"Woke up...went to school...sent to SMK St. John's."

Then, I had 5 matches with students from other schools. Here's the results:

1st match- Won by +104 points. Good start...
2nd match- ...crashes down. Lost by -197 points. Ouch.
3rd match- Stinging subsides. Barely win by +19 points.
4th match- Can't call it a match. I didn't even play. Opponent didn't come so win by default.
5th match- Final match. No such thing as a sweet ending. Lost by -88 points.

Won 3/5 of 'em. Hoped for better...but such is life.


But I can consider myself lucky. Coz I didn't have to face SMK Seafield.

Based on research done by Janyxe, the first player of Seafield is Scott Chung, who just happens to be one of the top players -- INTERNATIONALLY. If you guys think I'm a nerd, you should see him in action. But I guess this match wasn't his turn to shine, since it was his teammates who got all the glory.

The records:
Chang Ching Yet -- Highest bingo (7 letter word) score
Score: 113

Jagan -- Highest scoring match (I pity the opponent)
Score: 595

And yes, they're from Seafield, just in case you wondered.